Get set for a September to remember for good. In September you will take four steps in life: Step Up, Step In, Step Down & Step Out. By God’s Grace, as you’ve stepped out from August yesterday, you will step out of genersl mediocrity, barrenness and family pattern limitation.
You will Step up to a greater height. The power of God will place the ladder of Jacob for advancement and increase upon you.
You will step into your power, prosperity, praise, purity and promise land which is September where there shall be no lack. You will step into the land flowing with milk and honey of provision and abundance.
You will step into favour, fame and progress.
You will never step down for sickness, shame, sorrow, evil arrow and afflictions.
You will step out of lack, poverty, wants and receive abundant blessings beyond your widest imaginations. All your enemies, rivals, contenders and opposers will step down for you and every wrong things will Step out of your life by the special Grace of God Almighty. You will begin to step in grand style. You will step out of general captivity, common problem and failure. You will step out unto greater blessing, ideas and opportunity, in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Happy new month. 

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