Use this as your assignment to end the outgoing month well and start the incoming month powerfully.
Contending For Your Inheritance
Scriptural Power Points: Genesis 26:15-33
The first well that Isaac dug was called “Esek” which mean “Contention”. That is, You must contend for your well, your right, your inheritance, your glory, position, lifting, testimony, breakthrough. Fight for your victory, never bow to the enemy.
You need to fight for what belong to you. Fight the enemy till you win. Tell your enemy, “one of us must leave and bow but it’s not me”.
Remember, Deut 2:24, the Lord told the children of Israel that He had given them the land but they must contend with the enemy in battle before they can take physical possession.
It’s time, let rise and contend for our victory in Jesus name.
Prayer Power Points: 
* Satanic power attacking my life and testimonies be arrested in Jesus name.
* Satanic conspiracy against my life be aborted in Jesus’ name.
* Every satanic gang-up assigned to abort my testimonies, you are a failure, scatter in Jesus’ name.
* Concerning my life, family and business, the gates of hell shall not prevail in the name of Jesus.
* Powers of delay, assigned to hinder my testimonies this year, C-R-U-M-B-L-E to dust and be blown away in Jesus name.
* Stars from Heaven, Fight for me and fight my battles after the order of Barak and Deborah! in the name of Jesus.
* Every enemy army arrayed in battle against my destiny, hear the verdict of F-I-R-E! PERISH in battle in the name of Jesus.
* Arrows of weariness, frustration, failure, tiredness, disappointment, delay, sickness and infirmities  fired against me, backfire in the name of Jesus.
I contend with the accuser and I silence him.
I contend for things that belong to the church, community, corporation, family and myself. I possess my possessions.
Start Well And End Well 
Wednesday @12noon  (I shall End Well)
Wednesday @6pm  (I shall end well)
Thursday @6.30am  (O Lord, go with me- Anointing Service)
Thursday @6pm  (Power For A Good Start)
@ Abundant Life Assembly
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