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We are passionate about helping you achieve holistic growth. The bible underscores the power of agreement and we are excited to agree with you in faith concerning your heart desires.

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Men argue, philosophize, and speculate on the reason for the value of gold. But it remains the standard of values. Banks and nations speak of their “reserve” of gold. A nation’s future actions depends on its gold reserves very largely. If there are no “reserves”, then bankruptcy is not far away. So it is with prayer! What gold is to the material life; prayer is to the spiritual life.

A Christian’s future largely depends on his reserves of prayer. A church’s power depends on its’ reserves of prayer. No reserves of prayer, you and I are spiritually bankrupt.

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As a people of the Most High God, we don’t take for granted the great works of God in our midst, it is only natural that our people enjoy the fullness of God in every ramification. We love to hear what God is doing among our people.

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