Our Vision

Our vision is to:

1. To raise prayer and word powered, kingdom minded, patriotic, productive, earthly relevant and heaven bound Christians.
2. To raise godly and visionary leaders equipped with sound biblical knowledge, spiritual power, and the spirit of excellence for the next generation.
3. To raise, train, equip and mobilize an army of men and women, who will through the power of prayer, practical living, and social action, affect their community, city, nation and the world for Christ.
4. To be a gate ministry: taking the message, power and practice of prayer to communities, governmental and corporate gates.

Our Mission

1. To accomplish visions 1&2, we shall plant vibrant, word based, evangelism, oriented, prayer, and intercession practicing churches and fellowships in every major city of Nigeria, Africa and in every continent of the world.
2. To accomplish vision 3, we shall through our teachings, our outreach arm (Gethsemane Prayer School), our publications and the media, ignite and sustain prayer revival in the body of Christ, as well as ministering Christ’s practical love to our communities.
3. To accomplish vision 4, we shall consciously engage in governmental and market place discipleship and carry out redemption of the land through strategic prayers and territorial deliverance.